Custom, hand painted Cloud Castle Vans shoes featuring a mystical castle sitting amidst white clouds with a staircase leading down.

Cloud Castle



This pair of custom, hand-painted shoes depicts a futuristic castle made of clouds that extends to both shoes.

*Soludos are only available in whole number sizes, so please select accordingly.

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Product Description

  • Features a castle of clouds one one shoe and extending to the other shoe
  • Genuine Vans, TOMS or Soludos shoes
  • Keep dry
  • US sizing
  • Made in America
  • Questions? Email

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs

Womens, Mens, Youth

Shoe Brand

Vans Classic Slip On, TOMS, Soludos

Shoe Size

W5.0, W5.5, W6.0, W6.5, W7.0, W7.5 / M6.0, W8.0 / M6.5, W8.5 / M7.0, W9.0 / M7.5, W9.5 / M8.0, W10 / M8.5, W11 / M9.0, W12 / M9.5, M10, M10.5, M11, M11.5, M12, M13, M14, Y2.5, Y3, Y3.5, Y4, Y4.5, Y5, Y5.5, Y6

Shoe Color

Black, Navy